NEET TRICKS AND STRATEGIES

NEET is a competitive examination conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) for students who aspires to do medical UG in India. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the subjects considered for NEET examination. Candidates who pass with good cut off and marks in NEET exam will get a medical seat and will be called for medical counseling to select the college in India.

Here are some tricks and tips for the candidates to prepare for the NEET examination.

First Candidate has to start earlier with his/her preparation. Starting form 11th standard is a good move. Little by little candidate can improve his/her knowledge with all subjects in 11th standard that will help him/her to get enough time to prepare well for NEET examination. If the candidate starts to prepare for NEET exam lately that’s also fine, if he/she has a good plan to prepare it will help him/her to yield good results in the NEET examination.

We will see how we can start preparing for NEET examination

Candidate can prepare a daily planner to study on daily basis.

Each day candidate can accommodate one dedicated hour for NEET preparation and can start.

Each day candidate can choose a subject and one chapter or one concept to learn in depth and dedicate that one hour for that chapter or concept wisely. Here the trick is candidate has to study each concept with planning, each concept can be remembered with codes or analogies. This will help the candidate to crack the tricky questions easily.

Candidate has to take mock test regularly. Once he/she completes a concept candidate can go for a self mock test about that concept. That will help the candidate to manage time and answer tricky questions easily.

Read your school text books completely and make thorough understanding, then start reading with expert books (kindly verify our website to learn more about expert books). Know the syllabus; learn about the weightage of each chapter of each subject. Then start preparing for NEET exam. NCERT books are most important; do prepare from the NCERT books. Most of the questions will come from NCERT books only.

Along with daily planner candidate can prepare a timetable that shows the allocated timing for each subject per week. This will help the candidate to know how much time is dedicated to each subject. Equal timing should be dedicated for each subject to get more marks in NEET.  Make sure you are following the timetable, ditching the timetable will impact negative results in your NEET marks.

Candidate can prepare notes for each subject while learning, this notes will help while revising the subject once again and to remember the codes for each concept and chapter.  Candidate has to revise regularly on each subject and can take mock tests regularly to enhance time management, remember formulas, weak areas.

Along with preparing for examination, candidate has to maintain a healthy diet, eating fresh and healthy foods and drinks with nutrition will refresh the health system.

Candidates has to maintain both physical and mental fitness, only healthy food won’t help in maintaining a healthy body, candidate has to take rests and take breaks to keep the mental fitness. Regular physical activities like exercises, yoga or recreation activities can keep the candidate physically and mentally fit. Following tight schedule always learning will exhaust you mentally and it will drain all energy further, hence to boost your energy, you need to switch to other activities regularly.

Good attitude towards anything is must. Most importantly a person should have positive approach towards anything he/she does. Maintain a positive approach in anything we do will bring in best results. Being positive and doing any work will enhance the person’s work quality and result.


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