H.C. Verma Physics books

H.C. Verma Physics books for NEET Examination

HC Verma is a renowned professor of Physics in India, and he has retired from IIT Kanpur after teaching for 38 years. His Book “Concepts of Physics” is one of the best books for NEET and engineering aspirant. His books help the students to crack the competitive exam easily with respect to complex subject. As we all may know how physics subject plays a crucial part in competitive exams conducted throughout India, H.C Verma’s Concept of Physics book guides the students to learn physics with easy notes.

H.C.Verma books are one of the best books for NEET preparation. Not only it covers the NEET syllabus but, also has solved and unsolved question for students to practice. More mock tests and more practice for NEET examination.

An HC Verma book for Physics comes into 2 Volumes.

Volume 1 has 22 chapters covering introduction, Kinematics, force, Newton’s law, circular motion, sound waves, light waves and many more.

Whereas Volume 2 consists of physics topics covered in class 12th. It covers topic like Heat and temperature, Calorimetry, heat transfer, Alternative current, X-rays, Nucleus and more.

HC Verma VS DC Pandey books for NEET

 H. C. Verma Books helps a student to build concepts and understand Physics from the basic level. Whereas, Physics book from D.C. Pandey will help you to increase your efficiency of solving questions. If you are student who is looking to build solid fundamentals in Physics H.C Verma is must-read. However, if you’re in preparation mode and looking to improve your efficiency, D.C. Pandey will benefit you.

H.C. Verma Physics books for NEET Examination
H.C. Verma Physics books for NEET Examination

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