Biology- Animal Kingdom

Biology- Animal Kingdom

Hello NEET aspirants here we will discuss some helpful remembering points in the chapter, Animal Kingdom. These points are helpful for increasing your knowledge of NEET Biology- Animal Kingdom. In this chapter, we included the main topics and concepts that only related to the exam. Check this article for your exam preparation and its may helpful for making your own notes.

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Animal Kingdom – Remembering Points, Explain briefly, Quickly revise.

● Porifera  ● Coelenterata      ● Ctenophora     ● Platyhelminthes.      Aschelminthes   ● Annelida         ● Arthropoda  ● Mollusca              Echniodermata      ● Hemichordata           ● Chordata

Animal Kingdom

  • All Animals are made by some organisms.We are categorized by some basic features.They have also some specific digestive ,circulatory and reproductive characteristics.
  • An organism Made by cells and these cells is divided into different parts.
  • Four levels of organisation
  • Cells  -Cells packed loose.E.g Porifera               
  • Tissues – Tissue made by cells and work same as cell.E.g.Coelenterates               
  • Organ – Organ made by tissue and its  work depend on specific organs. E.g. Platyhelminthes
  • Organ system -A certain physiological work done by few Organs.E.g Mollusca, Arthropoda
  • In animals there are two types of Circulatory Systems
  • Open Circulatory system- The blood is directly receives by cells and tissues. E.g.Arthropoda (Grasshopper)
  • Closed Circulatory system – Arteries, veins and capillaries carried the blood to the body parts. E.g Earthworm
  • Diploblastic – Two layer of cells are present in the embryo.(Ectoderm and Endoderm)E.g. Cnidaria
  • Triploblastic: Three layer of cells present in the embryo.Mesoderm present between ectoderm and endoderm.E.g. Platyhelminthes to Chordates
  • Asymmetrical: symmetry line does not occur.
  • Radial symmetry: any line Divide the body in two similar halves. E.g, ctenophores
  • Bilateral symmetry: If line divided any body in two similar part as left and right halves, e.g. annelids
  • Colem – Space occurs in the body wall and the digestive tract. It is lined with mesothelium.E.g Annelida
  • Acoelomates: space is not present. E.g. Platyhelminthes
  • Pseudocoelomates:  Space occurs,but not lined with mesoderm.E.g. Aschelminthes
  • Some animals have notochord. We called them Chordates. Some animals have not notochord. We called them non-chordates. Porifera to Echinodermata

Characteristics of Animals phylum


Its body is made of by the sponges and does not symmetrical body. Ostia is that place where water enters through pores and water goes out through the osculum.Spongocoel  is central sspace.E.g.Bath sponge


It is present in sea creature.Corals have calcium carbonate skeletons. Digestion complete with extracellular and intracellular. Some creatures are sessile and cylindrical form like Hydra,Adamsia.


It is present in aquatic animals.The body is transparent,pear- shaped or ribbon shape. They have a radially symmetrical body and development is indirect in fertilization.E.g Nuda.


It is mostly found in endoparasites.They have hooks,suckers and bilaterally symmetrical body.E.g. Tapeworm


This Phylum is present in aquatic and terrestrial both types of animals.They have a round body with bilaterally symmetrical and triploblastic. Males are shorter than females.Direct and indirect development in internal fertilization.E.g. Round worm, Pinworm


In this category phylum animal have bilaterally body triploblastic cells and coelmate present in body.They have also closed circulatory system.E.g.Earthworm, leech


This type of phylum animals has largest Phylum with two third.They have joined leg.The body divided into three parts head, thorax and abdomen.Book lungs, trachea is most important for respiration.E.g.Silkworm, King Crab


It is a second largest phylum. They have cavity type bodies and we can divid their body into four parts (head, the visceral mass, muscular foot and mantle) E.g.Apple snail


It is present in Marine animals and have spiny skinned. The Skeleton is made up of calcium carbonate. Animals have  star and spherical body.E.g. Brittle star

Hemichordata They have a body space with coelom. Its body divided into three parts(proboscis, collar and trunk)Open type Circulatory system occur in the body.E.g.Bala

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