5 Important Tips For NEET Biology

5 Important Tips For NEET Biology

Important Tips For NEET Biology:

Thorough preparation is required to crack NEET exams. The most important part thing to understand while preparing for NEET exam is to where to start it from, accruing right study material. Most importantly understanding topic weightage. Which topic is important, where to start from, basically planning your study around core topic is key to success for NEET students. But it doesn’t mean you should give less weightage to other topics.

Here are top 5 tips for preparing NEET biology:

  1. Biology syllabus for NEET: To cover-up biology syllabus for NEET it’s advised to start with NCERT textbook for biology. It is the standard book for covering and knowing biology syllabus for the NEET.
  2. Breaking down the syllabus: Splitting the biology syllabus into 3 parts will ease your preparation.

Must do – Questions from topics as animal respirations, reproduction and development, animal nutrition, animal tissues, biotechnology, ecology.

Important- This topic includes chapters from Anatomy of flowering plants, Animal Kingdom from Porifera to Echinoderms, microbes and origin of life, growth repair and regeneration, biodiversity.

Most important –  This sections covers topics like Photosynthesis, cell structure, plant Morphology, Plant Nutrition, Genetics, Monera, Plant Kingdom.

  •  Revise previous year questions paper:  Most important step in your NEET preparations is to revised previous year questions paper. It’ll help you to understand the questions patterns and structure of the paper.
  • Cover NCERT examples:  Important for students to cover all the examples given in NCERT books. It’s important to cover examples of Plantae and Animalia topic as these topics are bigger and required more times.
  • Notes and chart:  Develop habits of making notes and charts of names of biology terms, it will help you in revising and a quick glance to your notes will ease the pressure off you before NEET exam.

It’s important to stay calm, confident while preparing for NEET exam. Unnecessary stress will bring no good. Following diet, hydrating properly will boost your concentration and positive energy.

NEET 2020 exam was held on 13th September 2020 and 14th October 2020.  NEET 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on 1st August 2021.

Online application released in the month of December or in the late November.  For NEET Syllabus refer to last year’s bulletin published by NEET Exam authorities. 

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